Project archive

This archive contains all our projects that have been completed, in chronological order. You can filter them on the theme of your choice.


MicroDonor Grant for the Web
Future Internet Lab
Healthy internet isn't free. Waag is researching a method for micro-donation to open, fair and inclusive online tools and services.

Code for Children's Rights

Code voor kinderrechten, Waag, 2020
Future Internet Lab
Waag works together with Leiden University to create a Code for children's rights, creating a safer digital environment for children.

Public Stack: charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Transparante Laadpaal (The Incredible Machine)
Future Internet Lab
Commissioned by the RVO, Waag is developing a Public Stack for the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles.

Mixed Reality for heritage

Fotoverslag: processie garage Kempering “The Last Nine Days Of Garage Kempering”
Future Heritage Lab
In the Mixed Reality project, Waag is researching the use of MR and how it can contribute to the experience of a heritage location.

Public Stack: the alternative internet

Public Stack visual
Future Internet Lab
The internet is broken, but alternatives are available. We call the collection of these open, fair and safe alternatives the Public Stack.

Mij niet gezien

Mij niet gezien
Until summer, Waag will be experimenting with warranting privacy for participants in our public events.

Participation @ Waternet

Participatie Waternet
Smart Citizens Lab
Waternet strives to make the participative approach their standard approach in working, when possible and relevant. Waag's Smart Citizen Lab, aimed at citizen science, will help Waternet in taking the first step from pilots to a new policy.

LABS: Future Interiors

Samira Boon
LABS: Future Interiors aims to take the first step towards the creation of a living interior piece. A collaboration between Studio Samira Boon, Waag and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Hackathon de groene stad

campagnebeeld hdgs
Future Internet Lab
In het project hackathon groene steden komen initiatieven bijeen die zich focussen op het vergroenen van steden. Waag organiseert vier groen-expedities en een hackathon.

Gaming for the Commons

Commons Lab
Can serious games help us to reimagine our political and economic system? We aim to discover the potential of serious games to help us reclaim the urban commons.


On the newly emerged Wadden island of Zaankogerland, historian Stientje Molenaar is researching worn and household textiles from after the Great Flood. It is the year 2090. Textile is the most precious possession in a person’s lifetime.

Algorithms: practical guidelines

Brein AI visual
Future Internet Lab
The government is working on a framework for the use of algorithms. Waag investigates how this framework works in practice. Does it ask relevant questions? Can decisions be explained? Is it clear what the impact and responsibilities are?


Supre:organism Open Call
AI Culture Lab
With Supre:organism, Waag sets out to establish a contemporary artistic understanding of life in outer space.

Culturele Maakkaravaan

culturele maakkaravaan
Maker Education Lab
Waag collaborates with the City of Amsterdam in the project Culturele Maakkaravaan to explore and improve the relationship between Amsterdam citizens and the digital city.

Sentinel Citizen

Sentinel Citizen. (c) Copernicus, CAMS.
Smart Citizens Lab
Sentinel Citizen connects air quality data generated by citizen measurements of the project Hollandse Luchten, with data from satellites of the European Space Agency.

Dynamic Documentation

Emotienetwerken Dynamisch Documenteren
Future Heritage Lab
Waag works together with Imagine IC to create a new tool for a dynamic approach to cultural heritage.

Craft in Abundance

Craft in Abundance. Charlotte Bakkenes.
In collaboration with TextileLab Amsterdam, designer Charlotte Bakkenes researches the importance and reinterpretation of traditional crafts techniques for the fashion industry. Aesthetics, crafts and technology together will lead to innovative materials, processes and techniques.

Mobility Lab Bicycledatacommons

Cyclists in Amsterdam
Commons Lab
The Mobility Lab Bicycledatacommons explores the role of data commons in the usage of bicycle data.

Future Lab (Open) education

Future Lab (Open) Onderwijs
Creative Learning Lab
In this project, we are developing a vision for the future of (open) digital learning materials on behalf of SURF.


Reflow Pilot Textile
Reflow is a three year European research project into the flow of materials through our cities.

AI for Society

AI Culture Lab binary code visual
AI Culture Lab
With AI for Society, Waag wants to contribute to a safe, humane and democratic implementation of AI, in which the interests of citizens are central.


Een man weeft jacquard in het Haus der Seidenkultur
Future Heritage Lab
In Mingei 9 European partners collaborate to digitise and unlock the (in)tangible aspect of crafts.

Smart society cases

Green light
Commons Lab
In this project we sketch a picture of the dilemmas that digitisation entails within public administration and the effect this has on society.


WearPure is material research project that explores how we can create new materials that actively purify the environment from CO2.

SySTEM 2020

SySTEM 2020 learning outside the classroom
Maker Education Lab
The SySTEM 2020 project is aimed at connecting STEAM learning outside the classroom.

European ARTificial Intelligence Lab

FEAT-Parting the waves
AI Culture Lab
The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab brings AI related scientific and technological topics to general citizens and art audiences.

The eHealth Users Guild

eHealth at Health Embassy
Care Lab
The eHealth Users Guild focuses on the successful implementation of eHealth services and products.


Viruses biolab visual
Creative Care Lab
U-TOPIA sets the first step towards the empowerment of older Human Immunodeficiency Virus-patients.

AI AI Barbie

AI AI Barbie
Creative Learning Lab
In 'AI AI Barbie', new frameworks for responsible use of AI in toys are being drawn up together with parents, children and experts.

Visibly smarter

Zichtbaar slimmer - datafysicalisatie workshop door Waag
Creative Learning Lab
Can you touch data? Together with primary school students HvA and Waag are looking for a tangible representation of big data.

Maakplaats 021 Fellowship

Maakplaats 021 fellowship
Maker Education Lab
The Maakplaats 021 Fellowship programme is a unique training for primary and secondary education teachers from Amsterdam.

Chamber of Commons

Commons Lab
Commons Lab
The Chamber of Commons bolsters the interests of commons and commoners.

Fabrics and Fabrication

KABK - Master Industrial Design
Master Industrial Design students worked on design projects that focus on the unethical and environmental unfriendly realities of the current textile and clothing industry.

Digital Democracy Lab

Proeftuin digitale democratie
Future Internet Lab
In the Digital Democracy Lab, the possibilities for strengthening democracy are investigated by applying new digital participation tools to Dutch municipalities.


Creative Learning Lab
SUSHI is an interactive app for educational support of the theater programme Revolutions of Het Nationale Theater.

Zomergasten with Marleen Stikker

Zomergasten met Marleen Stikker visual
On August 12, 2018 Marleen Stikker was a guest for three hours in the VPRO television programme Zomergasten (Summer guests).

GammaSense 2.0

Smart Citizens Lab
With GammaSense 2.0 we develop a citizen network for the measurement of radioactive radiation.


PACO visual
Care Lab
Within the PACO project we will develop fundemental knowledge on the acceptance, working principles and persuasiveness of virtual agents.

Digital Identity Lab

Digitale Identiteit visual
Future Internet Lab
The Digital Identity Lab looked for new ideas, concepts and concrete tools that can include a reliable and secure digital identity.

Waag Makerbox

Makerbox Waag
Maker Education Lab
By making it yourself, you learn better how 'things' and 'systems' are put together and you can get creative with technology yourself.

Amsterdam Sounds

Amsterdam Sounds project
Smart Citizens Lab
Making cooperative tools for civic participation and citizen science in the field of noise pollution.

Waag Academy

Waag Academy visual
In Waag Academy we combine our range of training courses, courses and workshops for organisations, companies or groups.


WeMakeThe.City is the festival that makes cities better.

Do Worry, be happy

Do Worry be happy visual
Future Internet Lab
In the blog series 'Do worry, be happy!' we talk to experts in the field of technology, innovation and ethics about new developments.

Maker festival

FabLearn Maakfestival Eindhoven
Maker Education Lab and Maker Faire Eindhoven presented the best that the maker industry and maker education have to offer.

Mixed Reality @ Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk
Future Heritage Lab
This project was a collaboration between Waag and Oude Kerk with the aim to research the applications of mixed reality technology.

Heritage & emotion networks

Future Heritage Lab
The project ErEmEd researches motion networks on heritage in educational settings.

Co-creation navigator

Co-creation navigator map
Co-creation Lab
Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with 'wicked problems' and innovate your professional practice.