Job Spierings

Job Spierings is project manager at Waag Society in Amsterdam where he leads projects that aim to achieve social innovation with creative technology.

Spierings studied musicology at Utrecht University and has extensive experience in managing complex international projects. He combines analytical insight and social involvement with an eye for innovative ideas and elegant solutions.

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Monday 29 July 2013

During the Hackathon on 29 June at the City of Amsterdam, the (prototype) app 'HuisMatch' (HouseMatch) was awarded as the best app developed on the CitySDK mobility-API. Time to find out what this app can do!

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Monday 29 October 2012

Job Spiering visited the fourth meeting of the Smart City SDK project in Istanbul. In search of the needs, local customs and available data sets that are of importance for the development of a mobility app.

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Monday 24 September 2012

The project Smart City SDK brings European datasets and the development community together. This became clear at the OK Festival in Helsinki, where projectleader Job Spiering represented Waag Society. And where he met up with partner cities Manchester, Barcelona and Helsinki.