Pieter van Boheemen

Pieter is a hacker, artist, engineer, researcher and teacher driving forward Free & Open Source Technologies as a catalyzer for social innovation. He leads the Open Wetlab, Open Design Lab and Fablab Amsterdam at Waag Society. He is an expert in biological technologies, an award winning entrepreneur and world recognized speaker on Biohacking and DIYBio. He has organized dozens of hands-on art science “Do It Together Bio” workshops, founded and led more than 150 Dutch DIYBio community events, runs the micro-organism store Pet Shop, and presents a YouTube channel on making and hacking things. The outcomes have been displayed at major international art, design and science museums and festivals.

He published reports on the rise of the open and creative biotechnology movement, and was featured in Wired, Vice, Hackaday and all mayor Dutch news outlets and channels. Mentioned as Top 100 Nerd and Leader of Tomorrow.

He is a guest lecturer ArtScience at the interfaculty of the Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire (The Hague). In 2015 he also established the first international open collaborative distributed biohackers training program, BioHack Academy, supporting the launch of new biohacking groups in the US, Brazil, Japan, Iran and across Europe.

He coordinates several European research projects within his group at Waag and participated in KIICS, MakingSense, BrainHack and DITOs.

Currently he develops new tools for knowledge production and researches the establishment of networks of open and collaborative post-normal science that enable citizens to be an actor in and influence the trajectory of knowledge production, co-create moral frameworks in this process and transform their environment and lives.

Follow Pieter on twitter: @pietervboheemen or Instagram: @pvanboheemen..


Posted on:
Tuesday 21 February 2017

A new week, a new episode of #OPENBIOTECH! In this one I’m showing you how to get in jail as a biohacker. Yep, that’s right.

Posted on:
Wednesday 15 February 2017

For many people biotechnology is mysterious business – while almost everything around us is influenced by it. With this new serie of vlogs we aim to democratize the knowledge behind this closed industry and #OPENBIOTECH for everyone.

Posted on:
Monday 30 January 2017

Has it occurred to you that the far right of the political spectrum often uses the same rhetoric as the Do It Yourself movement? Somehow DIY culture seems to have ended up with the same general narrative as nationalists.