Visual identity Waag

The visual identity of Waag comes with a few instructions of its use.

The core values of Waag (open, fair & inclusive) serve as a guideline for our branding and visual identity. The visual identity of Waag uses functional white (a translation of 'open'). Besides black and white, it contains the group theme colours red, yellow, turquoise and purple as accent colours in the graphic design.

Use of our logo

The logo of Waag consists of a black circle with the Waag building, together with the words 'waag' and 'technology & society'. This is our standard logo. The two parts of the logo should not be separated. We also have a sponsor logo variant with only 'waag' below our logo, which can be used when a limited space is available.

Our logos can be downloaded below in various file formats in a .zip container. A visual styleguide with the key elements of our visual identity can be downloaded as pdf below. In case you have a question about our visual identity, please contact us.