Commonfare update

On June 23rd, Waag Society will host a Commonfare evening to give an update about the project. More information about the speakers and the full programme of the evening can be found here.

Commonfare, or “welfare of the common” is a participatory form of welfare provision based on collaboration among people living in Europe that want to develop new ways of collectively responding to the everyday problems they face, improving their own lives.

Our welfare states are in need of an update: too many people slip through the net. This reality is experienced by almost 25% of the European population. In the Netherlands up to 50% are flex-workers such as those who work on temporary contracts or are self-employed. This is a huge group with a high risk in need of, but with little access to, financial aid. Commonfare.net wants to support the emergence of an alternative. People in Croatia, Italy and the Netherlands and the project partners are designing and building an online collective awareness platform with the goal to make existing state welfare provisions more accessible, to share good practices and to promote networking and collaboration among people across different locations and countries in Europe.

In Commonfare.net, interactions, stories, shared experiences, resources, and mutual support form the heart of our approach to welfare. Commonfare is for, with, and by those who need it most, but also for anybody who is just curious and wants to help.

The commonfare event on June 23rd will be an update on the project of Commonfare so far.

The entrance is free, but with limited space we ask you to make a reservation by mail. Please make sure to include in the mail:

  • number of reservations
  • your name
  • names of other reservations
  • why you are interested in the project/event

More information about the Commonfare project

vrijdag 23 juni 2017, 19.30 u. tot 22.00 u.
Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam