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AR Reading aid

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De AR Reading aid used Augmented Reality to provide help with reading textbooks.

The aim of this project was to explore to possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) in combination with language education at primary schools. Starting point of Creative Learning Lab was that learning from textbooks is for some pupils to static. Teachers often have to help with questions about a word of term. AR Reading aid could alter this situation and support teachers. By using this tool, it will be possible to add pictures, translations or spoken word to existing lesson material. This application also opens up new possibilities for pupils with dyslexia.

The AR Reading aid visualises parts of the text and adds speech or sound fragments. Text elements, like difficult words, are connected to digital information. Words will show up with a picture or your can hear the word being pronounced. The technology of Augmented Reality is becoming a common tool to add virtual elements to our environment. 

The AR Reading aid was one of the projects of Creative Learning Lab within an innovative programme of Kennisnet for small-scale innovative experiments with ICT in education.