creative coding

Creative coding is a type of computer programming in which the goal is to create something expressive instead of something functional. It is used to create live visuals and for VJing, as well as creating visual art and design, art installations, projections and projection mapping, sound art, advertising, product prototypes, and much more.


De Free Software Foundation Europe een brochure uitgebracht: Public Money? Public Code! over het gebruik van open-source software.


De Fabschoolino is hét geschenk voor iedereen die van solderen, electronica, knutselen en programmeren houdt.


As a participant of both Hack the Brain 2014 and this year’s edition, I like to share my team’s (technical) experiences with coding rapid prototypes using EEG data from the Muse headset.


What better way of acquiring new ways of working than by simply doing it and learn form the experience? Without consciously knowing it, this is the principle behind the Code for Europe Fellowship program.


The project Code for Europe strives to change the way in which government handles IT projects. Or better yet, Code for Europe wants to solve city/civic challenges by building straightforward IT solutions, such as apps. Now there is a bold mission statement.


Programmeren is niet meer alleen weggelegd voor programmeurs! Op 6 maart 2013 gingen we in Fabschool Kids aan de slag met Scratch, een programma waarmee kinderen op een speelse manier kunnen leren programmeren.