open cities

e-Government initiative to provide a collection of basic services and a middleware to interconnect the citizen with his/her local administration.


De gemeente Amsterdam heeft haar technologie-agenda gepubliceerd. Veel waar Waag voor strijdt is hierin terug te vinden.


Frank Kresin looks ahead to 2017, that brings new challenges and opportunities and a new job for him at the University of Twente, managing the newly founded DesignLab.


Recently, a new publication was published titled 'The Hackable City: A Research Manifesto and Design Toolkit'. Interesting for anyone who wants to know more about the open process of citymaking.


Smart Cities vs. Smart Citizens - musings on the Smart City World Expo Congress, by Frank Kresin.


Cities are the dominant and most successful organisations of human endeavour. This intense form of cohabitation has developed over thousands of years, attracting an increasingly larger part of the human population. While they have vibrantly developed in terms of size, density and quality of life, technology has sped up, leading to problems and possibilities that we still have to fully apprehend.


Amsterdam wil zich profileren als koploper op het gebied van open data, maar om open data optimaal te kunnen gebruiken moet ze wel echt open zijn: doorzoekbaar, 'realtime' en bewerkbaar.