Teacher Maker Camp

Bootcamp Curves approach

How come as we grow into adulthood most of use loose sight of what it means to be creative, to explore, to fall and get back on our feet, without any feel of shame? Or better, how can we get in touch with that free maker mindset, that I believe each human is born with? That maker mindset that let us explore, fail, learn and give it another go; not stopping until we reach our final goal, and very important: embracing the process as we go.

Maker mindset for everyone
As my colleagues and me face this challenge on a regular basis in workshops and bootcamps for a wide range of people from blue-collar workers, to management staff, library personnel and teachers, I developed a program outline called the Bootcamp Curves. It's aim is to set a maker mindset, and work towards actual maker movement.

It is different from many workshop or bootcamp program that dive into the deep end of making straight away, without paying to much attention to establishing common ground, setting clear goals or “landing” what you’ve learned during the whole experience. I write this piece as an invitation to those who are exploring the field of facilitating maker mindset and maker movement with me. And, with many thanks to my colleagues that shared their personal experiences and provided feedback.

Want to read more about the Bootcamp approach? Visit my medium account here. Or download the brief outline of the approach here.