Connect Design for an Empathic Society
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Connect - Design for an empathic society

The book 'Connect - Design for an empathic society'  is written by a group of authors with very different backgrounds, varying from business, ICT, marketing, anthropology, medicine, design and computer interaction. They all felt the urge to explore this field of connectedness and they discovered new opportunities for the emerging market of ‘aging-driven design’.

The prospects are clear: we will probably live longer. The number of people aged 65 and up will increase enormously over the next few decades. Society will change as a result, but in what manner? Europe - and, in fact, probably the world - faces the challenge of preventing loneliness and isolation amongst a growing group of senior people. The oldest part of the population is at particular risk of becoming isolated and lonely as they grow older and their work-related networks erode. While working in the field of technology and aging, the authors discovered that there is a whole new field to be explored, namely the phenomenon of connectedness.

By unfolding the very nature of relationships and age-based transitions in life, the authors invite the reader to join them in an effort to design for connectedness: to reframe the picture, rethink our options and reinvent how to connect!

Co-authors Sabine Wildevuur (Creative Care Lab) and Dick van Dijk (Creative Director) work at Waag and both are involved in many of our projects. This book reflects their wealth of experiences and knowledge gathered from projects like Scottie, Express to Connect, Health-Lab and BodyGuard.

Connect / Design for an empathic society - BIS Publishers
Authors: Sabine Wildevuur, Dick van Dijk, Anne Äyväri, Mie Bjerre, Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen, Jesper Lund
Design: Pier Taylor
Format: paperback with flaps
Dimensions: 20 x 15 cm / Pages: 216
Price: € 29,90 / ISBN 9789063693312