Fab Academy project of Anne Vlaanderen (2019)
Anne Vlaanderen BY

Fab Academy final presentations

Waag congratulates Hyejin Ahn, Harm van Vugt, Nathan Harris and Tessel Renzenbrink! They all successfully completed Fab Academy 2020 at Waag, our six month education trajectory followed simultaneously at over sixty Fablabs throughout the world. Our participants at Waag worked very hard, also during the COVID-19 lockdown, and with remarkable results.

This is how it was to attend classes at Fab Academy (before lockdown). And you can view all lessons the Fab Academy participants at Waag followed simultaneously with the other Fablabs throughout the entire world. For the last two months, all participants worked on their own final projects, putting the skills they learned during Fab Academy to use. 

Smart miniature house

Hyejihn Ahn final project: smart miniature house

For her final project, Hyejin Ahn created a smart miniature house. It has, amongst other mesmerizing details, a working elevator and a pool with its own water pump.

Watch the presentation of the house
> Documentation: how was it made?

Kitesurfing forecast painting

Harm van Vugt final project: Kitesurfing forecast painting

How to check the weather forecast for kitesurfing during breakfast, when you're not allowed to use your phone at the table? Harm van Vugt created a painting, that from your kitchen wall shows you exactly how well you'll be able to hit the waves.

Watch the presentation of the smart painting
> Documentation: how was it made?

Ye olde display

Ye olde display: Fab Academy final project

Fabacademy participant Nathan Harris created a display that was supposed to become part of paintings and photo frames, but it became a device on its own. With Ye Olde Display, he created a digital picture frame and notification center, built to blend in with natural materials.

> Watch the presentation of the display
> Documentation: how was it made?

Post-collapse network

Tessel Renzenbrink final project: Post-collapse network

Let's build our own internet! Tessel Renzenbrink built the post-collapse network, which consists of low-cost (€10) devices with which everyone can build their own wireless communication network. These networks can be established autonomously without the services or permission of third parties.

> Watch the presentation of the device
> Documentation: how was it made?


Final presentation!

Final presentation of Fab Academy projects

During the final presentation, held online via Zoom so all Fab Academy participants around the world could tune in, the Waag Fab Academy students presented their projects and received feedback from Fab Academy director Neil Gerhsenfeild.

Watch the presentations and feedback session