Fab Night in June

Making kalimbas at Fab Night

At the first Fab Night we organized on the 5 June 2014, we started with an amazing workshop: building your own kalimba in just one evening! At the beginning of the night we had one hour to spend around the lab, so people could learn about the use of the machines, have a drink while they discovered every corner with the tools or even use the machines for one euro per minute. Then we jumped into the workshop.

Alex Schaub, Fablab manager, gave an introduction about his experience with making music instruments and how to combine it with the Fablab methodology. Visitors could then start cutting coconuts in two pieces after being shown some examples to understand how a kalimba works.

It was an great experience seeing the lab full of people, busy and focused on making their instruments because they knew we were going to give a jam session all together with the personalized Kalimbas before going back home. When the evening continued you could listen to every music instrument that was built at the lab, see the happiness on the people's faces and feel how powerful a Fablab full of creativity can be!

Fab Night visitors