Pet shop DDW 2015

Pet shop at Dutch Design Week

Our first micro-organisms concept store opened its doors during the DDW in Eindhoven and it was a huge success. The 275,000 visitors of the exhibition were curious to see our adorable micropets, learn about them and the ways in which they can take care of these little companions. Pet lovers were buying these little cuties for more than a week, showing their special interest in Slime Molds and Photobacterium Phosphoreum, which were completely sold out.

You can have a look at our stand at DDW Pet Shop on this Flickr page.

So DDW 2015 is now over, but our pets are still up and growing! If you didn't have the chance to adopt our little pets yet, Pet shop is here for you. In the upcoming Museum night in Amsterdam on 7th of November, our tiny friends will be again on sale, together with DIY machines to observe them closely, centrifuge and incubate them.