FEAT artists at Waag Theatrum Anatomicum

Six FEAT funded artists-in-residence

During an exciting two-day matchmaking event (March 17-18) at Waag, the project team of Future and Emerging Art and Technologies (FEAT), has paired six artists with scientists running research projects in the context of the EU backed programme, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET). Professionals from both disciplines will join forces to maximize the impact of the Europe's top research in the fields of quantum physics, supercomputing, robotics, and more.

FEAT Funded Artists in Residence

Six leading international artists will be hosted within FET projects through fully funded embedded residencies. Through in-depth collaborations with researchers and reflecting on the projects, the artists will explore, engage and communicate these new areas of research to reach the widest possible audiences, opening up societal discussions, raising awareness and enhancing take-up of radically new technologies.

Out of 264 promising artist applications, the five best were chosen for a FEAT residency. At a matchmaking workshop in Amsterdam they were introduced to 18 FET projects interested in hosting an artist. A sixth residency will be taken on by the FEAT artist partner Anna Dumitriu.

The collaboration between the artists and scientists take the form of a nine month artist-in-residence programme. Erich Prem (Eutema) and Lucas Evers (Waag) will be responsible for mentoring both artists and scientists during their collaboration. At the conclusion of the programme, the resulting artworks will be exhibited. The time and place of the exhibit will be announced soon.

For the chosen teams and the full press release, please turn to the website.



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 686527.