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Transfer of innovation

Waag Academy has published the booklet 'Transfer of innovation'. In this booklet you will find descriptions of a selection of Waag Academy Modules that are directed at supporting creative sector professionals to improve their (methodological) skills and knowledge in linking art, science, and technology in their daily practice: Learning by Making, Heritage and Education, Future of Art-Science Collaborations, Applied Gaming for Health & Care, and PhDO.

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Waag Academy

By way of Waag Academy, Waag offers curricula for multiple levels of professional education. The formats and content are based on our experience in (digital) social innovation and are customised to specific contexts and questions. The most important aspect in the Waag Academy is the fact that creative professionals are actively challenged in ‘hands-on’ master classes, workshops and trainings.

The Waag Academy programmes have been developed with partners in education, the cultural and creative sector, business, and science. They are aimed at social innovators: creative, original thinkers who are able to make connections between disciplines and build networks that offer space for knowledge innovation and new ways of working.

In addition to Waag Academy, Waag’s Creative Learning Lab offers services for pupils, teachers, and school management in primary and secondary education.


A European consortium of cultural organizations, coordinated by CIANT in Prague, asked Waag to transfer its working practices in its Academy model. VETLICAT (VET Linking Creativity and Advanced Technology) addresses creative industry professionals, both VET (vocational and educational training) providers and consumers such as artists, designers and creative sector decision makers.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Lifelong Learning programme - Leonardo da Vinci.

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