Salone del Mobile Milan 2013
Waag BY

Visit to the Salone Milan

Back in January, we hosted a workshop at Fablab Amsterdam on 100% natural Resin. Carmine Deganello, a designer from Milan, gave a two-day workshop for artists who work with all kinds of resins. The result was a great diversity of products. What impresses me with this type of resin is that you can always melt it down again and reuse it. You can add pigment and create any color you like. Carmine invited me to Milan to see the exhibition he created for the Salone (del Mobile 2013).

At the Salone, a large hall was filled with products on DIY culture. One particularly interesting project was "Recession Design", an Italian initiative. They created a book with recipies how to make things, aimed for young and old people with basic skills. The projects reach from basic toys to houses. We hope to collaborate with them in the near future, exchange designs and do workshops together on different locations worldwide.

Of course, the scope of the Salone is immense. I may have only seen 5-10% of the show. There is really design for everybody, a lot of design for design, or even over-designed products that do not touch me really. I guess you need at least a week or two to see everything, and I only had one day. Nevertheless, it was great to see that Fablab Amsterdam could contribute to the Salone in Milan, and we even got a four-page article in the Domus magazine.