Bea Vancaillie

Bea VancaillieArtist in residence

Bea Vancaillie is an artist and designer who looks at the world critically, aiming to understand the connections of things, people, emotions and the environment. She provides a visual commentary on current debates concerning human behaviour. By simultaneously looking backwards and forwards, she creates works that aim to start a stimulating conversation.

Using historical references and text interpretations, she speculates on the future. Bea creates works which look at the relationship between nature and technology, mainly by the use of found and recycled materials. She approaches this critical era in human existence with an open mind, enthusiasm and positivity. In her practice, she wants to strengthen collectivity, idea sharing and problem solving within a community, stimulated by art and design. She believes the fragile state we live in will be a catalyst for resourceful creativity.

Bea, as an artist in residence, is part of the Open Next project pilot working as a material researcher with our project partner Fiction Factory. She investigates Fiction Factory’s wood waste streams, aiming to transform the waste into an open-source product based on community concern, together with both experts from Fiction Factory and Waag and a growing community of stakeholders.