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The Beauty Kit Female Farm

16-12-18 09:00 - 16-12-18 17:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

The Beauty Kit Female Farm is an eco-friendly cognitive-pleasure oriented farm that harvests female genital fluids to produce beauty bio-products. It functions as a mobile research installation that adapts to the site-specific ecosystem of the space it inhabits, recycling and archiving living materials and producing within a symbiotic niche of synergic mutualism. This farm explores its own self-sustainable economic model of production and invites participants from all over the world to become harvesters and embody "Sci-Fi chapters in praxis time".

In the Beauty Kit Female Farm a facilitating team instructs women in to a bio-autonomous female farming technique and teaches them how to manufacture beauty bio-products using their own erogenous fluids. On this ground, this farm produces, harvests and disseminates transindividual knowledge about female sexual ecology and agency.

The manufactured bio-products are sold in art venues and in the market as art objects and displayed in Beauty Kit Focus Group participatory lecture performance by Isabel, aiming at generating a self-sustainable farm model that offers no cost for its participants to learn a sexual bio-autonomous praxis.

In the Beauty Kit Focus Group, Isabel displays the beauty bio-products fabricated with erogenous female fluids, exposing with scientific evidence that woman’s sexual organs possess powers that enhance beauty. The focus group attendants are invited to inquire on the manufacturing procedures but the uncanny nature of the products destabilizes the event. Just as audience is newly awakening to unknown body faculties, women get recruited, beauty-products are sold and a universal myth begins.

The Beauty Kit Female Farm - Amsterdam Christmas Camp

From 16th to 22nd of December 2018, a group of 6 women, led by Isabel Burr Raty, will take part in the second research version of the Beauty Kit Female Farm. A seven-day residency project that invites participants to undergo a collective long durational body art performance. The BKFF 0.2 will be mapped out in the City of Amsterdam, installing it’s living and working spaces between 3 equally artistic and historical venues: M4 Gastatelier, Waag and Mediamatic.

The BKFF 0.2 installs a radical feministic practice during christmas time in spaces that withhold significance for the historical construction of Amsterdam and jumps into the city streams by circulating on the bicycle to mobilize from one farm’s working space to the other.

Each participant of the Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.2 will be credited as guest artist and harvester in the Beauty Kit Focus Group Participatory Lecture. Likewise, the knowledge produced in the Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.2, will be archived as the second chapter of a “sci-fi story written in situ and in praxis”, a narrative to be globally opened and shared with the existing generation of BKFF harvesters and the future ones to come. The beauty bio-products and manufacturing processes are an open-source method created by of Isabel Burr Raty and shared under a creative common license.

The deadline for subscription for the Beauty Kit Female Farm was 15th of November 2018.

Are you curious or do you have any questions for Isabel Burr Raty? More information about the Beauty Kit Female Farm here.

About the artist

Isabel Burr Raty is an independent filmmaker and performance artist. Exploring the ontological crack between the organic and the synthetically designed. In her artistic research she interweaves new media, body/live art, lectures and participatory performance proposing hybrid narratives and bio-autonomy practices that play with synthetic magic and compose in situ Sci-Fi. Isabel is currently an associate researcher in, lecturer-teacher of Media art history in ERG Brussels (École de Recherche Graphique) and artist in residency in Amsterdam via the AFK 3Package deal and partnered to: Mediamatic, Waag and Prof. Toby Kiers (VU Amsterdam).