Open Wetlab

Bio art labs conspiracy

18-9-14 10:00
Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC–kade 10, 1018 LG Amsterdam

A new league of labs and organizations is emerging that support artists with their work in biology. Waag's Open Wetlab and Mediamatic are inviting experts for a round the table meeting about the future and collaborations within the bio-cultural field. This meeting is set up as an open discussion and exchange of thoughts. What are the upcoming plans and activities? How to create more awareness concerning bio-art, science and design in both government and industry?

This Round the Table is part of the Bio-me program. How will designing with organisms change our perspective on art, design, food and beer? Find out at Bio-me. Three Days of workshops, talks, tastings, Fermentology! and the expo 'Kunstformen Der Natur'.