Blockchain: reimagine family and marriage

Artists Yin Aiwen and Jelena Viskovic propose an interpersonal contract platform based on blockchain technology for a more flexible and resilient social fabric than family and marriage. 

Is marriage as family-orientated institution sustainable? Can we imagine more suitable infrastructures for our lives? And could a technology like blockchain play a role in this? In an economy with increasing amount independent entrepreneurs and an aging society we are facing scarcity of care and connection. Based on ideas for alternatives for the concept of family and marriage, Artist Yin Aiwen and Jelena Viskovic developed the project reUnion.

During this event the artists will soft launch their proof of concept. Yin Aiwen and Jelena Viskovic invite everyone to this thought experiment about alternatives for the marriage institution and blockchain technology for a more flexible and resilient social fabric.

This evening is in English. The entrance is € 5,-.

About the artists

Yin Aiwen (designer, NL/CN) and Jelena Viskovic (game artist, HU/DE) met as fellow researchers at The New Normal program of Strelka Institute in 2017. Their common interests in the future of care labour and alternative social arrangements brought them together and started collaborating on reUnion. 

About the project

ReUnion is a research and speculative design initiative which explore the future concept of family. By creating a platform allows people to model and re-design their (domestic, romantic, familial, professional) relationships. ReUnion search for a more open and inclusive legal environment for people to experiment new types of relationships and new ways of organizing life. During this event, reUnion will lease its proof of concept, and invite you to join the experiment.

Special thanks to Rites/network (Tamás Marquetant and Tamas Páll) for developing the proof of concept and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie for the financial support.


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam