Do It Together Bio #9: Super Foods

Nature has woken up from its hibernation. It is time for plants to grow, and for you to get busy.  We hand you smart green solutions from science, art and Do It Yourself wisdom. This evening of Do It Together Biology is all about using vegetables and organisms for health and food in the comfort of your own home. However, this will not be your average home gardening night.

Artist Fiona de Bell and the Secret Society of Plants will share knowledge on air purifying plants that produce high quantities of oxygen. Smart use of special, adapting plants for clean air at home. Next, food blogger and artist Debra Solomon will tell us all about the ins and outs of Urbaniahoeve; the Social Design Lab for urban gardening.

You will get your hands dirty, too. In the spirit of science, participants will build a Super Food Bioreactor and experiment with spirulina. Spirulina, also known as Arthrospira, was a food source for the Aztecs and is widely known today as a ‘Super Food’. Super foods are a heavily debated topic. How ‘super’ are these foods actually, and what can you do with them? We will use this evening to probe these questions whilst showing participants how to grow their own algae. We invite amateurs, artists and designers to experiment, share their vision on health and food, and create new ideas for growing food and healthy living.

Following this, Living Art & Live Art students from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague will present their BioArt designs.

18:30 hrs: Doors open
19:00 hrs: Introduction by Pieter van Boheemen
19:10 hrs: Do It Together: Super Food Bioreactor, DIY Spirulina Farm
20:00 hrs: Inspiring speakers: 
Debra Solomon - augmented urban gardening and 
Fiona de Bell - the Secret Society of Plants
20:45 hrs: Do it Together: Spirulina tasting and tasty discussion
21:30 hrs: KABK presentations - Living Art Live Art
22:00 hrs: Wrapping up & drinks

Buy your own Spirulina Culture kit 
If you want to build your own Super Foods Bioreactor and take home the Spirulina Culture, you can of course buy the equipment yourself. Please take a look at this list of materials and suppliers. We recommend you to order all of this at least one week prior to the workshop and bring it with you. 

Note: A Spirulina kit is not required to take part in the workshop. 

About Do It Together Bio
During Do It Together Bio workshops you get to work with do-it-yourself biologists, scientists and artists to experiment on the intersection of art, design and biotechnology. The workshops are a mix of hands-on activities, reflections and presentations of artists and scientists. During previous episodes we built new machines, such as the Bioprinters and developed open techniques and protocols. The people behind the Do It Together Bio workshops are Pieter van Boheemen and Lucas Evers of Waag's Open Wetlab.

Please feel welcome if you’re interested in do-it-yourself experiments with easily accessible tools. There’s no need for prior knowledge. The only thing you need is a curious and open mind.

Participants pay € 10
Students or stadspashouders pay € 5

Doors open 18.30 hrs


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam