Talks: designing better humans?

Don’t like your newborn’s face? For the next one, consider genetic modification! Ridiculous as this may sound, enhancement technologies promise to make better humans. But what is ‘better’, and who defines it? Does ‘better’ mean healthier, more intelligent? What about better aesthetics, better form?

Germline edited humans 
On March 8, artists Adam Zaretsky, Julian Stadon and Vladimir Storm are invited to explain the projects they’re currently working on, as well as the novel challenge enhancement technologies are presenting; one of balancing the inclusive improvement of all humans with the necessity to respect differing personal desires.

Join us for an evening discussion on germline edited humans. The bioartistic possibilities in this field are as diverse and nuanced as any of the world's art, poetry or music. Come and explore the latest in tools, interfaces and applications for genetic collage of the human germline.

Tickets are € 5,- (incl. a drink)

Speakers and talks 

Lotte Pet (moderator) 
Lotte Pet is an art historian and artist, researching art as a means to gain knowledge within scientific and technological discourse. She focuses on the position of art in bioethical debates, while advocating its autonomous force. Currently, she is working at Leiden University as researcher and educational staff member.

Adam Zaretsky – Talk: The Transgenic Human Genome Project 
Adam Zaretsky is a WetLab art practitioner mixing ecology, biotechnology, non-human relations, body performance and gastronomy. His art practice focuses on an array of legal, ethical, social and libidinal implications of biotechnological materials and methods with a focus on transgenic humans. Zaretsky is a former researcher at the MIT department of biology and he also runs a public life arts school: VASTAL (The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd.) 

Julian Stadon – Talk: Bio-Digital Convergence: Embodied Data and Identity Augmentation 
Julian Stadon is a UK-based Australian artist. He teaches in several areas, all under a paradigm of Anthropocenic Design, a field he established to address current issues in both education and wider contexts. Stadon is Programme Leader for Digital Media at The University of Hertfordshire, director of The Mixed and Augmented Reality Research Organisation, and Chair Mentor/Steering Committee member for the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality.

Vladimir Storm - Talk: Designing VR Future Lab for Human Gene Modification
Vladimir Storm is focused on VR / AR / MR, VFX, interactive computer graphics, video games, computer human interactions, bio informatics and AI. He has worked as a creative / art director and strategist on various tech and art projects. He has 10+ years experience in software development and IxD / UX / game design. Vladimir is frequent public speaker (CeBIT, Casual Connect, GameOn, SFF, TOA, etc.), and runs the Creative VR meetup in Berlin.


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