Urushi Workshop
Fablab Amsterdam BY-NC-SA

Urushi introduction workshop

Urushi is a natural resin from the Urushi tree, and used as a special resin as well as a lacquer since 9000 years in Japan. Wood finish from Urushi is of the highest possible quality and hi-gloss we have seen so far. Thousands of years ago, the typical Buddha statues among others were built with a wooden construction and a special Urushi mix as a resin.

We are very pleased to bring these techniques to the Fablab Amsterdam, and we will give you an introduction of this wonderful material, as well as a hands-on approach how to use it. You can bring a small object to be finished with Urushi.


  • 10:00 Introduction to Urushi by Alex Schaub
  • 10:15 Modern use of Urushi by Dr. Kenji Toki (Kyoto)
  • 11:15 Short coffee break
  • 11:30 Demonstration of Urushi by Fablab Kamakura (jp) by Youka Watanabe 
  • 13:00 End

​The price of this workshop is € 50,- payable at the Fablab Amsterdam (PIN is possible).


Alex Schaub (Ch)
He became manager of the Fablab Amsterdam in 2008, following his graduation from the Fab Academy course 'How to make almost anything' at MIT, Center of Bits and Atoms. His more recent works investigate into the combination of craftsmanship and digital fabrication, as well as in surface finishing in general.

Dr. Kenji Toki (Jp)
Based in Japan, he has been working as a contemporary craft practitioner exploring representation of Japanese lacquer with diverse materials and measures such as carbon fiber and photograph and exhibiting internationally since 1995. He’s undertaking the research into rapid prototyping (usually used in industrial processing) and how these techniques can be applied and utilized within craft, art and jewellery practice, especially in relation to Japanese Lacquer work.

Youka Watanabe (Jp)
Director of FabLab Kamakura
Keio University Visit Researcher
She has been researching about new ways of learning for the next generation in FabLab Kamakura.




Fablab Amsterdam, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam