Isabel Burr Raty

Isabel Burr RatyArtist in residence

Isabel Burr Raty was artist in residence within the AFK 3Package Deal Bio Design at Waag.

Isabel Burr Raty is an independent filmmaker and performance artist, exploring the ontological crack between the organic and the artificially engineered, between the unlicensed knowledge of minority groups and the official facts. In so doing, she aims to dig up chapters left out of history books, blur the limits between fiction/reality and re-think the memory of the future.

​She has been based in Brussels since 2013, where she develops her second feature film set in Easter Island (supported by Media Fund), which tells the colonial story of this navel of the Earth. In her film work, Isabel embodies human Cosmo-visions that are in eco-survival resistance, bringing the imaginative realisms of the camouflaged and their subversive sense of chronology into the screen. On the other hand, but nonetheless complementary, in her artistic research she interweaves new media, body/live art, lectures and participatory performance proposing hybrid narratives and bio-autonomy practices that play with synthetic magic and compose in situ Sci-Fi.