Larisa Blazic

Larisa BlazicArtist in residence

Larisa Blazic is artist in residence within the DECODE project at Waag.

Larisa Blazic is a London-based artist focusing on critical examination of digital technology, its impact on power relations, dominant narratives surrounding it and consequences of lack of ethical consideration and/or framework in the world of digital innovation. Over past 20 years, Larisa has been combining hybrid interests ranging from creative use of the Internet to intersections of video art and architecture and has initiated, collaborated and participated internationally in projects ranging from to FLOSS art and design.

She is currently working on Data Union Fork: tools for data strike, an art project building on Decode OS, blockchain-based, operating system and nodes for decentralised ownership and control of data, as part of Vertigo Starts Residency programme. Data Union fork, sets to develop a collective, creative, and democratic response to the social, economic, and cultural implications of mass scale data harvesting and to fully leverage the value of that data.