OpenKnit by Gerard Rubio
Gerard Rubio BY-NC-SA

Building the OpenKnit machine

In October 2014 we organized a two-day OpenKnit Machine workshop within the Crisp Smart Textile Services project in collaboration with TU/Eindhoven and Gerard Rubio. Based on the experiences we have now published a 64-step Instructable to create you own OpenKnit machine!

The OpenKnit machine is an open-source, low cost, digital fabrication tool developed by Gerard Rubio. The machine affords the user the opportunity to create his own clothing from digital files. Designing, producing and wearing clothes can now happen in the very same place, allowing the user to make decisions regarding creativity and responsibility.

The instructable shows you how to build the OpenKnit machine step-by-step. The machine is still a work-in-progress: anyone is allowed and encouraged to reproduce it and help to improve it.

We would like to thank the people at WeMake maker space for reviewing and adjusting this instructable. All additional comments and suggestions on both the design of the machine and the Instructable are very welcome!

Building the OpenKnit machine

Open Knit machine