Fablab Waag 2020

Let's start fabricating! Call to action by Waags FabLab

Times like these bring together makers from all over the world, that are trying to contribute to fighting the corona pandemic. Currently, there's a big shortage of many supplies in healthcare. FabLabs worldwide are trying to fill this gap. FabLabs have the capacity to fabricate digitally and to help local hospitals and healthcare workers to do their work in a more safe way. This is why the FabLab at Waag is also working on contributing and helping to produce necessary equipment with the machines available. It is heartwarming to see people offering their help using 3D printers and other machines. Together we can make a huge difference.

Furthermore, there's people helping us by offering materials. We just received a huge supply of acrylic so that we can start making safe door openers, face shields and other supplies that are now so desperately needed. I would like to say huge thanks to Paul van Oerle from his former gallery Art & Acrylaat for his generous offer to help the FabLab start fabricating. Selfless acts like these make all the difference.

Open source designs help FabLabs and maker spaces to locally reproduce materials that can help during this outbreak. Now that borders have been closed and supplies are uncertain to reach their final destinations, a big urge to produce locally has emerged. This is our chance to work together and create a community that is able to help on a local level.

If you would like to contribute to our cause, we could use 3D printers, design skills and expertise. Please contact gro.gaaw@balbaf. We are in close contact with hospitals and police and can provide information regarding safety measures and design files. On this page, we will keep you updated about our developments.

Let's start fabricating!

> Join us for a meeting on DIY maker initiatives in times of corona