Smart Citizens Lab

Basement Festival Sao Paulo

20-8-16 09:30
Red Bull Station, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Frank Kresin (research director) will give a presentation in Sao Paulo, at the Red Bull Basement Festival on 20 August 2016. His talk will be on the theme of Digital Social Innovation, Civic Hackers & Smart Citizens. Red Bull Basement’s festival will offer a series of meetings about relevant issues for inspiring changes by using new technology. This is the opening statement of the theme of the festival.

What is the future of the city? The technocratic vision tends to leave aside a central element of the city: its inhabitants. What if the technologies are not only accepted, but also appropriated by citizens? Should the city of the future not only be "intelligent", but also sensitive?

The Red Bull Basement emerged from restlessness. It is a platform for exploring cooperative forms of experimentation with digital media, consisting of a residence program for digital developers, a Makerspace and a Technology festival.

Entrance is free.