CRISP Shakes it off!

The final CRISP event: CRISP Shakes it Off! on June 18th, will show the amazing joint results of designers, businesses, scientists, and governmental institutes that collaborated in the Creative Industry Scientific Programme.

During four years CRISP explored how designers can be vitally important in working on societal challenges and driving business innovation forward. During the event, the researchers, businesses, scientists, governmental institutes and designers from the programme will share their insights in a full day programme showing the impressive results at the Van Nelle Factory (Rotterdam).

For instance care robots, communication tools for demented elderly were developed, as well as tools which will reduce work-related stress and games that are meant to coax positive behavioural change. Through this development process, we gained substantial knowledge on designing PSSs for the creative industry, which we are eager to share!

We will festively open the day by giving the first issue of CRISP #5 Magazine to the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The magazine will also be provided to all the participants in the event; 80 pages full of design knowledge!

Get inspired by CRISP speeches from creative professionals from industry, design agencies and academia (first confirmed names include Jeroen van Erp, Marine Toeters and Kees Dorst) and get an insight into ‘what’s next?’ in the future of design research (CLICKNL).

Enjoy the exhibition of iconic CRISP results and be the first to browse the CRISP repository during lunch and use the opportunity to talk to (design) researchers, designers and scientists.

CRISP Shakes it Off, 18 June, € 70,- (0% VAT)
The ticket price includes lunch, drinks, CRISP Magazine #5 and of course a full programme of speakers.


Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam