Prospects on biological, computational and sustainable fashion and textile design

Cecilia Raspanti and Ista Boszhard from Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam will hold an online public lecture on 'Prospects on biological, computational and sustainable fashion and textile design' on Friday 3 July, from 11:00-13:00 hrs. This lecture is hosted by the Kyoto Design Lab (D-Lab) in Japan.

All details for attending the meetup can be found at Kyoto Design Lab.

In the words of Kyoto Design Lab:

'While co-hosting Fabricademy with FabLab Barcelona since 2017, Waag's TextileLab serves as a creative research lab combining digital fabrication processes, crafts techniques, textiles knowledge and material research into relevant opportunities for the textile, fashion and material fields and how these affect the way we work together towards change.

In the recent years we see emerging alternative practices in fashion and textile design, including the use of bacteria/mycelium based materials and Rhinoceros+Grasshopper based computational design methods. However, very little few Japanese design are capable of working on such materials and tools; it may be too far from the existing practices. In this lecture we intend to introduce Waag's TextileLab and its experiments to explore the future of fashion and textile design in the realm of the internet and digital fabrication based society.'