Transparent Cities @ OKFestival 2014

Frank Kresin (Research Director Waag) will participate in a session at OKFestival 2014 on July 16th, 2014 called Transparent Cities - creating a shared framework for city governments to use data and technology to be more open, transparent and participatory.

This session will focus on the efforts of five city governments: Amsterdam, Rio, Chennai, Jakarta and Sao Paulo, that are moving towards more data-driven governance and openness. Each city government has to navigate their legal and institutional framework, political willingness and the capacity to be open. However, they must also consider the state of their data and the implications on the demand for open data,the choice of technology and its influence on democratising data creation and use, and the role of citizens and intermediaries in opening up a city. The session is unique as it allows for joint conversations among government officials from the four cities as well as groups that engage with them. The discussions will be situated in the intersection of data, technology and citizen participation, and will aim to develop a policy, advocacy and implementation road map for open cities that governments can adopt to respond to their local contexts.

City - facilitator

  • Amsterdam - Frank Kresin
  • Chennai - Satyarupa Shekhar
  • Jakarta - Andreas Pahwelke
  • Rio de Janeiro - Ricardo Matheus
  • Sao Paolo - Gisele Craveiro

Session hashtag: #OKFestTCN

More information and participation

This session is supported by the Web Foundation through the Open Data in Developing Countries (ODDC) project, funded by the Canadian International Development Research Centre (through grant 107075).


OK Festival, Berlin, Germany