Do your favorite clothes have holes in them? Would you like to learn how to mend, in order to give them a second life? Throughout history and across cultures, people have been mending textiles to extend their beauty and wearability. The Amsterdam Reflow pilot aims at promoting the circular use of textiles in Amsterdam: do not let your textiles go to waste! 

With the Reflow instructables, our TextileLab instructor will guide you through different darning and mending techniques in just a few simple steps.

Mingei Day Workshop_Reflow_6
Jimena Gauna BY-NC-SA

Workshop videos

About Reflow workshops

The Reflow online workshop series ‘Don’t let your textiles go to waste’ is designed to learn how to reuse, repair, reduce, rethink, recycle and revalue your wardrobe. These workshops offer the chance to learn how to repair holes in your clothes by revisiting the ancient craft of visible mending techniques.
 Would you like to find out more about the Reflow project? Visit the Reflow project page or go to Reflow website