UNDP Workshop Toolkit

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is targeting new ways and platforms of engaging citizens. ‘Make the Future’ is a program to explore methodologies in citizens’ engagement. In addition to the Millenium goals citizens all over the world were consulted to envision their future. The idea for the program is to engage citizens in creating sustainable solutions for social challenges. In ‘Make the Future’ citizens were given the opportunity to make the future they want. Waag was asked to contribute with a workshop programme and toolkit.

Use of toolkit

The Design Thinking toolkit we have made contains guidelines, context and background information to implement the process of design thinking further within the UNDP. The format for each day of the workshop is described in guidelines. Also the instructions and technical drawings for the workshop materials are provided. The section 'Results' shows an overview of all the topics that the teams have been working on, with a description of each team solution. UNDP teams in Georgia, Egypt and Armenia are trained to host and implement this process further.

This toolkit can be distributed freely under a Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike. You can use the complete framework or decide to take some parts of it, all depending on your ambition and goals.


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