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  • We code
    Future Internet Lab
    What is involved when developing an app for improving the neighborhood together with residents? A first prototype emerged from co-creation sessions…
  • We learn
    Maker Education Lab
    As a kick-off to the 'Maakplaats' fellowship programme we showed teachers the possibilities of maker education and techniques such as 3D designing,…
  • We make
    BioHack Academy
    The sixth edition of the BioHack Academy is planned for 2019. Learn how to design, grow and extract your own biomaterials using only Open Source…
  • We make
    Open Design Lab
    With BioShades we explore the potential of dyeing with bacteria as a less harmful alternative in TextileLab Amsterdam. This BioShades event exists of…
  • We learn
    Creative Learning Lab
    The first online platform to let children build their own sensors, Smart Kids Lab, is now also available in English. In this way children, at home or…
  • We code
    Smart Citizens Lab
    The Making Sense-team has published the book 'Citizen Sensing, a toolkit', which describes all methods, lessons and best practices.