Elisa Achterberg

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    Elisa Achterberg

    Elisa Achterberg is working on aligning the financial system with the real economy by building bridges between civil society, finance and the academic world through practical as well as academic research into sustainable and circular financial topics.

    Elisa graduated as MSc. Econometrics at the VU University in 2012, after which she worked as a financial risk consultant at RiskQuest for three years. During her work she started a training in Permaculture - the design of regenerative and self-sufficient ecological systems applied to sustainable agriculture, water management and architecture.

    Elisa currently specialises in developing business models and financial innovation by integrating sustainable, social and economic principles. With her knowledge from such diverse angles as financial risk management, financing circular innovation, permaculture and Fintech, she is able to put theoretical ideas into practice and convert them into concrete models. She does this through design and academic research at the Sustainable Finance Lab and Circle Economy.


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    Marleen Stikker was one of the guests at the Future of Trust Summit 2018. Elisa Achterberg wrote a report about this gathering.