for the future

24H Centrum: Waag Futurelab

14-5-22 14:00 - 14-5-22 17:00

Explore Amsterdam's city centre during 24H Centrum on Saturday 14 May. Shops, museums, theaters, restaurants, monuments, night clubs, stages and the Waterlooplein market are all opened to show them to you from their most surprising sides. There's something to do for everyone!

24H Centrum: Waag Futurelab

Waag will be opened from 14:00-17:00 hrs during 24H Centrum. Stop by for a tour of the historical Theatrum Anatomicum! The Waag Wandelwinkel is also opened. Come and get your walking package for the future! You can execute the walk of your choice anytime you want. Visit surprising locations in Amsterdam while thinking along about the future of data, the North Sea, or the smart city.

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