'Doughnut Economics' at VPRO Tegenlicht

26-11-17 21:00
VPRO Tegenlicht, NPO 2

On 26 November VPRO's Tegenlicht will broadcast the episode 'De Donut economie' ('Doughnut Economics') with Kate Raworth. This episode is for a large part filmed at our Waag building, in the Theatrum Anatomicum.

The doughnut, in this case, is a ‘safe and just space for humanity’, and it exists between a set of common-sensical human rights and needs, the ‘societal foundation’, and the limitations of the planet we inhabit, the ‘ecological ceiling’. Fall short in the former department, which contains facets such as water, food, health and education, and you end up in the doughnut’s hole. Fail to take into account the latter, which is made up of topics like climate change, loss of biodiversity and ocean acidification, and you fall outside the doughnut’s outer fringe.

As such, Raworth’s doughnut provides an economic guideline that encompasses the needs of all within the means of the planet. Between the two demarcations—on the doughnut—is where any responsible society should want to be if it values a long lifespan. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of present-day companies do not inhabit that space.

Directed by: Alexander Oey

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