Film @ Waag: PANOPTICON in première

25-10-12 19:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam

"I have nothing to hide ..."

That is what we Dutch people often say. But is that really so? Peter Vlemmix goes in search of the state of privacy in the Netherlands. The result is a powerful 60-minute document that will change your view of privacy forever. For the first time at Waag, because this is a topic that matters to us.

Control over our daily lives is increasing and privacy is under pressure. But how then, why is the Netherlands privacy-unfriendly, and how are you going to notice the consequences in your life?

PANOPTICON is a personal documentary (60 min) by Peter Vlemmix, who confronts these questions on his research journey. Film will premiere on YouTube on Thursday 25 October at 8 pm. With ao. Brenno de Winter, Alexander Klopping, Inez Weski and Bart Jacobs.


20.00 introduction
20.15 screening documentary
21.15 reactions & drinks