about robots

How do we work with educational robots?

31-1-19 20:00 - 31-1-19 22:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

A robot that helps a child with autism learn different facial expressions, or a robot that discovers the power of programming with you; educational robots are being developed in many different fields. This is slowly also making its way into our classrooms. But what are the areas in which we would rather not implement robots? And where could they enrich learning?

Researchers Cristina Zaga (UT) and Matthijs Smakman (HU and VU) will explore the current field with us and share their experiences.

After an introductory presentation, we will work in groups and explore the challenges and opportunities of different (types of) robots. By engaging in this exploration together, we hope to achieve a better understanding of educational robots and their opportunities and challenges.

Entrance is € 5,-, including a drink. This event is in English.


20:00 Welcome and introduction by Heleen van der Zaag (Creative Learning Lab Waag)

20.10 Introductory presentation about child-robot interaction and the current field of educational robots by Cristina Zaga (PhD candidate at the University of Twente)

20.30 Play with the robots

21.30 Concluding presentation by Matthijs Smakman (PhD candidate University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) on the moral challenges of educational robots

21:50 Drinks and discussion