Commons Lab

Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine

22-6-16 09:00
Ukraine, Kyiv, 16a Lavrska st

Frank Kresin (research director at Waag) will speak at the Personal Democracy Forum in Kyiv, Ukraine on June 22nd. His talk will be themed 'Illuminated Cities', about the lessons learned from smart cities.

The event will be held in the Master Klass House of Education and Culture. At the Personal Democracy Forum in Ukraine, we will discuss Ukrainian and foreign experience in creation of innovative civic projects and initiatives, based on the latest technologies, which are aimed to increase the transparency, openness and democracy of the government, as well as to involve the public in decision-making process at the state level. Forum participants will speak on how openness and collaboration are one of the key values of contemporary democracy.

Discussions and speeches will be divided into three thematic blocks. The blocks will cover the following topics: open data, electronic governance, smart cities, and digital journalism. A complete Forum program is available here.