Self-driving toy car – hack night

1-3-17 20:00 - 1-3-17 23:00
Frascati 3, Nes 63, Amsterdam

Technology can be taken apart and put back together in unexpected ways. During this hands-on workshop Anja, Heerko, James & Selby (of Hackers & Designers) will show you what is going on inside a toy car, how to hack the remote control and make the car follow a line independently! We will work in smaller groups, with sensors, arduinos and soldering irons.

Baby, you can drive my car
Using the topic of the self-driving car as a starting point, Waag and Hackers & Designers in collaboration with the Frascati 15:15 programme invite you to explore the changing role of technology in our civic society. In a series of events, we'll investigate what's behind the self-driving car; get acquainted with sensors; and discuss themes surrounding this topic with ethicists, technologists, artists, and policy makers.

Using technical and societal developments in and around the self-driving car, we'll engage in a number of collective thought experiments challenging and critically reflecting on the relationship and dependencies between technological innovation and societal developments. How are the technologies we rely on constructed? What dilemmas do we encounter during the development of a self-driving vehicle? How much control should we cede to technology? What types of moral frameworks should we agree upon? These are some of the questions we, along with the audience, will grapple with and use to discuss alternatives to given solutions.

On the 20th of May, the next event will be a talkshow about the self-driving car and the ethical aspects that come with independently driving vehicles.

Entrance is free. This night is English spoken.

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