Symposium BioArt & Education

9-4-21 14:00 - 9-4-21 17:00

On April 9, ArtechLAB, the Lector platform OKWT, Platform 21CS, and the Center of Expertise Art Education are organising an online symposium on BioArt and art education. BioArt is a development in contemporary art, in which artists and designers make use of processes from nature, for inspiration and as a material. Scientific processes such as biotechnology are also often used to produce these works of art. The question that will be answered during the symposium is how these practices can be translated into arts education.

The program consists of lectures by experts and four workshops, one of which is supervised by Frank Vloet, Maker Educator at Waag. In the workshops, bio-art practitioners offer their best practices and, under the guidance of ArtechLAB teachers, you will start developing teaching materials in the form of a Wicked Bio Art Assignment.

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