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Walking towards the future #3: North Sea walk

3-7-21 09:00 - 1-11-21 23:59
Amsterdam, Goeree en Scheveningen

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How will we live and work together with the North Sea in the future? Starting July 3rd, the North Sea walk, curated by Waag, is available! During this walk, based on the work of Ambassade van de Noordzee ('embassy of the North Sea'), you will answer questions and think along about the future of ecology, our relationships with nature, distribution of power, and giving voices to non-human entities. 

In advance, you will receive a package with all information on the walk, which can be done in three places: Amsterdam, Goeree and Scheveningen. The package consists of routes, conversational topics, and a list of recommended materials. The digital version of the package can be downloaded, but it is also possible to receive a package via mail (at a rate of 5 euros). 

The walk is corona proof, and you can do it whenever it suits you best.

Register (digital package)

Register (package via mail)
Costs: 5 euros

Read more about this event in Dutch