Merel van der Vaart

  • Freelance concept developer
    Merel van der Vaart

    Merel van der Vaart works as freelancer for the Future Heritage Lab of Waag. Earlier she worked as project developer at Waag on the development of (international) innovative heritage projects and educational programmes in the field of 21st century skills. Merel has a background in heritage research and museum projects.

    Merel worked at the Allard Pierson Museum, researching the use of digital media in the museum setting. As associate curator at the Science Museum in Londen she was responsible for co-creation projects, and as assistant researcher at the Leicester University she supported research of digital innovation at the museum. Merel also teaches at the University of Amsterdam.


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    Future Heritage Lab
    Across the globe, heritage crafts are under threat. Handweaving in India is one of them. But there is a hopeful story about its revival.