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Annotrax combined the concept of channeled annotating with a video search engine and an highly interactive video player. This project relied heavily on HTML5 video, Ogg/Theora, Zend Framework and jQuery and was an experimental research project of developers from the lab of Waag.

Annotrax was a further development of LooseControl in the field of video annotation. With Annotrax, users can participate in tagging videos. With the annotated videos, remixes can be made that result in new video material. Annotrax was complete built on open source software, and was itself offered again as open source software to build video archives.

Annotrax was an experiment about exploring possiblities in HTML5 and fast browsers. The video player is scripted in Javascript and uses Ogg/Theora video. During the development of Annotrax, browsers evolved and API's changed. Annotrax was the result of just a few iterations of rapid prototyping. For the test project, the video footage of the Viva la Vivo residency of Adam Zaretsky in 2009 was used.

Annotrax has been created by Waag and was partially funded by MultimediaN.