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With the project Architect-toon! (Architect-show!) children would design their own buildings or objects for their neighbourhood. They did this in collaboration with architects and landscape designers. Their designs were scanned in 3D and placed on a Google Earth layar. By doing so, they showed their designs in an interactive way.

Architect-toon! used innovative methods to research media literacy and wanted to involve children in the social issues of city renovation.

Usually, city planning is a issue for policy makers and professionals that translate plans into concrete designs. Citizens can give their opinion during organized evenings. The involvement of children in this process is very rare. But children are users of the build environment too, so they should have a say in the designing process as well. It is also a good thing that children learn about the general conditions that apply in city planning.Starting point for this project is an area in the direct surroundings of pupils where a renovation will take place.

Pupils started researching this in a group and worked together with professionals to create a physical design (made of clay or other materials). This object was scanned to a three-dimensional model that could be showed in Google Earth.

They could then campaign for their ideas by using the possibilities of new media and finally showed their plans to the local authorities.