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Creative Capital Conference

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Culture and creativity were the latest "buzzwords" in the debate on innovation strategies for the knowledge economy back in 2005. But what is the cultural dimension of the knowledge economy? And what does this imply for the public domain? These were the central questions of the Amsterdam Creative Capital Conference at Felix Merites on March 17 and 18, 2005 in Amsterdam.

This conference has brought together innovation experts, economists, urbanists, social innovators, cultural entrepreneurs, policy makers and politicians. During the conference, we have charted the state of the innovation debate and re-drawn the public agenda for a creative public domain that supports a strong knowledge economy.

Each day started with internationally renowned keynote speakers who gave their views on how to build crossovers between culture and economy. In afternoon sessions this was further explored and translated into a public agenda. We invited participants to actively participate in the debate and share their views on building creative capital in our societies.

The Creative Capital Conference was organised by Knowledgeland (Nederland Kennisland) together with Waag.