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De Populair (twitter tree)

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Waag developed a twitter tree in 2010.

What was it?

A metal tree that was self-sufficient. It generated its own energy to stay alive and in balance with its surroundings. It was a tree that collected your secrets and wishes and melodically shared them with visitors of the park. You could share your secrets and wishes in several ways: via Twitter or add them directly to the tree.

The tree interacted with its environment. Depending on the number of people surrounding it, it would turn its volume up or down. It will also reacted to its remaining energy level, generated by solar power.

Why a tree?

Worldwide, trees have a special sacred meaning to people. Trees symbolize growth and life and are part of many rituals. Trees have a relaxing effect on their environment. Trees supply us with oxygen, shadow, bring us joy and peace of mind.

In all cultures trees stand for a creative source of stories. Under the branches of a tree many stories have been told to young and old. The stories not only function as entertainment, but also as an oral kind of education, passing on noteworthy moments, exceptional happenings and culture to future generations.

With thanks to Ruud Lanfermeijer at the concept developing phase. The tree was placed in the Westerpark in Amsterdam in 2011 and was re-planted in 2012 near the castle Muiderslot (Muiden). In 2013, the tree was moved again, to the Hortus of TU in Delft, where it ended its career.