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i-MAP was a one-year interdisciplinary collaborative project, implemented through a trans-European network of four participating media art organizations, dedicated to fostering new and innovative works of art through effective integration of interactive technologies and live performance practices. The collaboration cumulated in a performance on 14 September 2006.


Contextually, there is a parallel that could be drawn between an identity of this wonderer and a virtual, video game character. Literally speaking an ability to be many people and in many places at the same time, go unnoticed - anonymity, certain emotional detachment/degraded consequences, fantastical ability to manipulate and transform your immediate environment, loneliness and non-permanence, a sense of not belonging, learning as you go, and other such qualities contribute to this possible similarity. That is not to say that the script will include video game like elements.

The performance investigated the social geography of a contemporary urban life through the wanderings of one character in a multi-dimensional, trans-geographic urban-landscape. This urban-labyrinth referenced a complex video game environment and represented the consciousness of the player himself. The game that resulted from this person's subjective perception of reality, interpreted through her own desires, fears and misconceptions. It was an inner exploration that investigates the ultimate dream of our time, "to gradually loose our sense of perspective, gravity and time, the foundation of our perceptions".

The project was realized with the support of Culture 2000 and the HGIS Cultural foundation. The networked performance was part of a larger programma called Connected LiveArt.