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Lost & Found

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Drawing from their network of budding artists, the editors of the Lost & Found programme compose evenings of audiovisual presentations. Lost & Found was started in 1997. The first years Waag co-financed the evenings. The main inspiration were the 'Four Walls' events in New York, small informal gatherings where visual artists showed new work to each other.  

For the Amsterdam evenings, Lost & Found drews on a network of all disciplines, mixing in friends who had interesting things to show, like a stewardess with a slide collection and fashion designers with a tape of their first show in Paris: Viktor and Rolf. Its formula remained almost unchanged over the years: the Editorial Team spurs people in their network on to unearth the tapes, cdroms, films, videos or slides which are close to their heart but always seemed out of place or never even found a stage.

This is shown in the context of a Lost & Found evening. These have proved to be unique compositions. They have done specials at World Wide Video Festival and happyChaos and organised programs in Rotterdam, Maastricht, Los Angeles and New York. For every session a designer is asked to produce an invitation and flyer.